Brand Strategy

Branding is one of the most important aspects of your business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy will give you the sought after edge in today’s highly competitive markets. Colors, fonts, typography and good design principles all help in communicating characteristics, values, and attributes that clarify what your brand is and is not.

I aim to position your company through a branding strategy that includes differentiating your name and image and creating an exciting and original corporate identity for you. Your final logo and tagline will be the product of a well-informed design, and you will walk away with something that truly reflects your business.

Rite Engineering Logo

As a World class CNC machining operation, Rite Engineering needed a visual identity that communicated their core value: deliver precision machined parts, components and assemblies defect-free.

Mint MPS Logo

Mint MPS was starting fresh. As a full service agency with years of experience and three underlying services, they needed their brand to communicate exactly that: fresh but not inexperienced.

FlexView 3 Position Sign Logo

As the most versatile Open Sign on the market where the individual letters rotate to be used in a variety of window sizes and shapes. The product’s branding needed to communicate its slick and flexible, yet dependable capabilities.

Mah Zeh Logo

In Hebrew, Mah Zeh is an innocent question that translates to: “Wha’s that?” Mah Zeh is a boutique winery that produce estate wines. As such, Mah Zeh’s brand had to communicate a clear uncertainty with strong foundations.

Tradewell Builders Logo

Tradewell Builders’ brand communicates its dedication to the art of fine home building, constant innovation, and above all, client satisfaction. As a women owned business, Tradewell’s identity had to communicate strong yet feminine characteristics.

Borzynski Farms Logo

Borzynski Farms is a year round supplier of high quality fresh produce. Large retailers are consistent customers due to their consistent and reliable supply of produce. Borzynski Farms’ brand identity relies on its rich history and bright future.